Climate Open Platform

COP - Climate Open Platform



COP: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg

Swedish environmental activist who inspired millions of people to take the streets, since her strikes in August 2018. Global symbol of youth activist, we are glad to host her in our conference. This will be the first online meeting of a sequence, that will take us to the PreCOP in Milan, in the end of September. ​

COP: Luca Mercalli

Luca Mercalli

Italian climate scientist with more than 20 years of expertise in communicating the climate change crisis and encouraging a low impact lifestyle. Since 2007 he's a member of Climate Broadcaster Network-Europe: a group of weather forecast committed to spreading the word about climate changes.

COP: Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Mitzi Jonelle Tan

Mitzi Jonelle is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila, Philippines. She is the convenor and international spokesperson of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines (YACAP), the Fridays For Future of the Philippines. She is also active in FFF International, advocating for climate justice and making sure that voices of Most Affected Peoples and Areas (MAPA)’s strikers are heard, amplified, and given space. She first became an activist in 2017 after integrating with indigenous leaders of her country which pushed her to realize that collective action and system change are what we need for a just and greener society.

COP: Glasgow Agreement

Glasgow Agreement

The Glasgow Agreement is an agreement between organizations to create plans of action to achieve the necessary emissions cuts to prevent a 1.5°C temperature rise, no longer waiting for governments and international institutions to do so.

COP: Mediterranea


Mediterranea is a civil society platform active in the central Mediterranean sea. The main aims are to be where is necessary, to testify and report what is going on in our seas. The goal is to rescue all the people who are risking to die, according to the current regulations. Mediterranea is also working on the ground, through a support working net. A true social connection platform between real groups and singles that desire to work in this challenge to let the world be without borders.

Fridays For Future Madrid

In Madrid, the host city of the #COP25 summits, the activists of @fridaysformadrid organized the "Cumbre Social por la Acción Climatica", a social summit that brought forward the idea of climate justice focused on protecting peoples, and not economic interests.
Fridays For Future Madrid is passing on FFF Milano to continue the struggle to the Climate Open Platform, looking forward to the #PreCOP and #Youth4Climate, and the #COP26 in Glasgow.

COP: Eco Dalle Città

Eco Dalle Città

Born in February 2002, "Eco delle Città" (Echo of the Cities) gives daily updates regarding national and international environmental reports and tells the virtuous civic practices achieved to develop ecology to support social inclusion. The primary themes for Eco delle Città are those related to a circular economy, mobility, food waste, atmospheric pollution, energy, and climate.


PAS - Priorità alla Scuola

In our modern society, schools are not conceived to raise future workers. "Priority to School" fights against politic's lack of interest side by side with all the school components. We are asking for a radical change that starts from the bottom. In order to increase new generations' awareness, we need to rethink the whole school system, an institution able to educate informed and mindful citizens. Schools can play a major role in tackling climate challenges. We dream about sustainable buildings and scholastic infrastructure, educational programs focused on environmental safeguard, and new educational approaches aimed to enhance the new generation's critical thinking. We ask for a more efficient and vast public transportation system, to achieve free and sustainable mobility and ensure the right to study for every student.